Gorre Paysage



For over 20 years, the company GORRE PAYSAGE, located on the Peninsula of Lège Cap-Ferret, help you in the realization of projects of arrangement and maintenance of your garden.


Since april 2014, GORRE PAYSAGE provides the Service to the person, which offers tax exemption on small gardening work.


GORRE PAYSAGE consists of a team of 7 people with a range of skills:

  • Garden Creation (earthwork and stabilization driveway, repair and production of lawn, timber or mineral terrace plantations, fence and gate, lighting, automatic watering ...).
  • Pruning of trees.
  • Caring for your garden (service person).

It is his experience of the Lege Cap Ferret peninsula and its agronomic constraints that make this company a technical knowledge of quality.

GORRE PAYSAGE used to the ungenerous soil of the Lege Cap Ferret peninsula, its capricious climate and from experience knows how to choose plants adapted to it.

GORRE PAYSAGE works primarily for individuals, and can communicate in English.

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